CP Magic! September 2021

CP Magic! September 2021

What’s in CP Magic! September 2021

CP Magic! September 2021

Featured Artist: Brenda Matsen interview and tutorial

Getting Started as a Pet Portrait Artist

Nothing but Pencils & Paper: Improving colored pencil skills by practicing with graphite

Featured Artist: Brenda Matsen


Brenda Matsen is a self-taught artist returning to art after a full-time career. Her passion for drawing horses and people developed during a childhood spent on a farm, and she continues to put that passion into every piece of artwork.

Her favorite subjects are still people and animals, with a growing interest in botanicals, all of which she creates with a high level of realism that does not sacrifice her unique style.


Brenda’s tutorial features a Pacific Tree Frog, which she photographed in her own garden.

She chose this subject because of the variety of greens. Environmental greens can be among the most difficult colors to get right, but Brenda shows you how to combine colors for effective greens and create deep, rich values in this intermediate level tutorial.

The Pet Portrait Artist

Do you love drawing pets? Do you hope to some day be a pet portrait artist?

Then you want to read this month’s special column. Carrie Lewis shares tips for launching a career as a pet portrait artist, and you can take the first steps toward that goal today—no matter your skill level.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Have you ever considered learning how to draw freehand or improving your drawing and shading skills by practicing with graphite? It’s a great medium for drawing from life, learning better freehand drawing skills, and practicing shading. Carrie shares a basic supply list and reasons to consider this drawing opportunity in this month’s Nothing But Pencils & Paper.

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