CP Magic! October 2020

CP Magic! October 2020

What’s in CP Magic! October 2020

CP Magic! October 2020

Featured Artist: Rochelle “Shelley” Oberholser interview & tutorial

Is there an easy way to decide on the size of your next drawing so it can be easily framed in off-the-shelf mats and frames?

The Great Art Adventure, Ask Carrie, and more.

Featured Artist: Shelley Oberholser


Rochelle “Shelley” Oberholser is a self-taught artist who has learned everything she knows about colored pencil the old fashioned way: By trial and error. Her conversation with Carrie is filled with those struggles and flashes of insight that come to all artists who draw regularly, are not afraid to try new things, and are willing to fail in order to succeed. If you’ve ever felt like your life as an artist was more struggle than success, let Shelley encourage you!


“This isn’t going to be a traditional tutorial because I’m self-taught and have never followed a tutorial. I am unfamiliar with the form and unwilling to fake it. So if you’re looking for step-by-step, stroke-by-stroke instruction here, with details of which pencils to use when, I’m sorry to disappoint.” – Shelley Oberholser

What you will get in Shelley’s Not-a-Tutorial is a look into her thought process as she draws. She shares the ups and downs of the drawing process, the methods she uses to solve problems and the solutions to those problems. This tutorial is a great “painting journal” that will encourage you and help you see that most problems that arise while drawing can be solved successfully!

The Great Art Adventure

Have you ever wondered if the latest opportunity is a good thing or a distraction? Or if there’s a way to tell the difference?

CP Clinic

Is there an easy way to determine the best size for your new drawing so it’s easy to frame? Carrie shares a few ways she’s used in the past so that her artwork can be framed in standard sizes and with off-the-shelf mats and frames.

Ask Carrie

If you’re a new artist and you want to get a few gray colors open stock, how do you decide which ones to buy? Carrie shares a few suggestions to help you get the best selection without spending a lot of money. She also answers the question, “Can studio lighting be too bright?”

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