CP Magic! November 2022

CP Magic! November 2022

What’s in CP Magic! November 2022

CP Magic November 2022

Featured Artist: Debbie Bowen interview & tutorial

Cynthia Knox: Creating Texture with Colored Pencils, Part 2

Product Review: Karismacolor Pencils

Featured Artist: Debbie Bowen


Debbie Bowen joins CP Magic! November 2022 as the featured artist. She works with colored pencils, pastels, and PanPastels and often combines those mediums.

Her favorite drawing surfaces are drafting film and Clairefontaine Pastelmat. Those are very different surfaces, and she talks about why she likes each and how her drawing methods differ.


Debbie also walks you through the process of drawing a lovely, very colorful bowl using PanPastels and colored pencils on Pastelmat. Artists at all levels can successfully complete this project.

Creating Textures with Colored Pencils, Part 2

Cynthia Knox completes her series on drawing textures with the second part of a two-part series. This month, she talks about reflective surfaces, portraits, fur and hair, fruit textures and more.

Product Review: Karismacolor Colored Pencils

Just what are these? Are they really Prismacolor pencils in disguise or a cheap knockoff? Carrie purchased a full set last month and tells you all about them this month.

Art Corners

Carrie describes a space-saving way of storing and using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils.

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