CP Magic! November 2020

CP Magic! November 2020

What’s in CP Magic! November 2020

CP Magic! November 2020

Featured Artist: Cathy Antkes Choyce interview & tutorial

Overcoming obstacles

Goal setting for maximum productivity

Do you have to burnish in order to make good art?

Featured Artist: Cathy Antkes Choyce


“I want people to view my work and feel the same emotional impact they get when they see their animals in person. To evoke that same feeling of love, tells me I have accomplished my goal as an artist.”

That quote comes from Cathy’s website. You don’t have to see many of her spectacular canine, equine, and fox portraits to see that she more than achieves that goal. But her art is about more than just portrait work and she shares the twists and turns she’s experienced in her art journey. Also, tips for artists thinking about becoming portrait artists.


Cathy challenged herself by using a paper other than her preferred surface for her tutorial. You’ll be challenged, too, but you’ll also have a ton of fun drawing a red fox along with her.

BONUS: If you’ve never used pan pastels to draw backgrounds, this is your opportunity to give them a try, as well as drawing highly detailed eyes and fur with colored pencils.

The Great Art Adventure

Obstacles of all types confront every adventurer; some are obvious and some are not. In this month’s Great Art Adventure column, I explain what I think is the least often recognized obstacle facing any artist, and how you can overcome it.

CP Clinic

It’s November already. That means January isn’t far behind, and that means goal setting. But what are the different ways to set goals, and what type works best for you? Read this month’s CP Clinic to find out.

Ask Carrie

Does every artist burnish their work? Is it possible to get good results without burnishing?

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