CP Magic! May 2022

CP Magic! May 2022

What’s in CP Magic! May 2022

CP Magic! May 2022

Featured artist Cindy Valek Motl interview and tutorial

Tips for Taking Better Reference Photos

Thoughts on Judging Art Contests

Do You Suffer from Artistic SOS?

Art Corners

Featured Artist: Cindy Valek Mottl


Cindy Valek Mottl’s work is filled with dramatic light and shadow and plenty of detail. She puts her heart into everything she draws, whether nature or portrait work.

“Art has always been my passion, even though life sometimes gets in the way,” she says. She has, indeed, experienced many interruptions in her art life, so she has credibility when she offers advice on getting back to art after a lengthy absence.


Her tutorial features river rocks drawn on drafting film, with flowing water, wet rocks, and brilliant reflections. In addition to showing you how to draw deep, still water, white water, and wet rocks all in the same composition, she also shares tips for prepping your work space.

Want to Take Your Own Reference Photos? Here’s How!

Cindy works from her own photographs and she talks a little bit about her ongoing search for potential subjects in the interview. The featured article for this month follows up on those comments with the first installment in a three-part series on taking and using your own reference photos. This month, I share few tips on taking your own reference photos.

My Thoughts on Judging an Art Exhibit

Have you ever wondered how art exhibits are judged? I share my thoughts on being a member of a selection panel for an online exhibit, including the process I used.

Art Corners

October 2020 featured artist, Shelley Oberholser, shares a couple of tips for organizing colored pencils while working in her Art Corner, which happens to be her kitchen table.

Do You Suffer from Artistic SOS?

What’s that, you ask? You can read all about it, and get tips for overcoming it.

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