CP Magic! May 2021

CP Magic! May 2021

What’s in CP Magic! May 2021

CP Magic! February 2021

Featured Artist Susan Brinkmann interview and tutorial

Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil

Making the Art You Want to Make

Nothing but Pencils & Paper

Featured Artist: Susan Brinkmann


Susan Brinkmann is an award-winning British artist based in the Netherlands specializing in colored pencil portraits of people and animals. Her artwork has been published and exhibited on an international scale. But above all, she loves to teach, and talk about her artwork, which she does in the interview portion of this month’s CP Magic!.


Susan’s tutorial is based on a portrait commissioned by a repeat client and features her signature plain background and highly-detailed subject.

Her subject is a curly-haired Welsh Terrier drawn on Winsor & Newton Smooth Heavyweight Paper.

This intermediate-level tutorial includes links to a reference photo and line drawing.

Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil

This month features the second in a series of new columns focusing on specific subjects. This month’s special column is for the reader who is or wants to become a pet portrait artist.

Making the Kind of Art You Want to Make

When it comes to creating art, you should create what you’re passionate about. At least that’s the guiding principle.  But what does that mean? Carrie shares her thoughts on this basic art philosophy to help you find the kind of art you want to make.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Do you want to know what burnishing is and when to use it? This month’s Nothing But Pencils & Paper article was written for you!

Then & Now

Do you think your work will never improve? If you do, then you’ll enjoy this regular CP Magic! feature, which compares an early work and a later work by one of your favorite artists.

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