CP Magic! March 2021

CP Magic! March 2021

What’s in CP Magic! March 2021

CP Magic! March 2021

Featured Artist Chloe Hibberd interview and tutorial

The Great Art Adventure

Ask Carrie

Then and Now

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Featured Artist: Chloe Hibberd


Chloe Hibberd is a pet portrait artist specializing in realism using colored pencil. Her goal with every portrait is to create a work of art that looks so real and alive, you might think you could reach out and touch the animal.

Chloe talks about her life as an artist, including growing up with a very artistic father and how that affected her own art journey.


The subject for Chloe’s tutorial is her rescue dog, Rosie. Chloe not only provides in-depth instruction on drawing Rosie, but also shares general tips and suggestions for successfully completing your own pet portraits on drafting film.

The Great Art Adventure

“The older I get, the more I enjoy drawing from life, especially when the life I’m drawing is outside. That is never more true than after a cold winter.” Carrie L. Lewis

Carrie talks about a side trip that turned into two brand new drawings, and how you can turn “spare time” into new art. She also shares her first impressions of Derwent Lightfast pencils on Lux Archival paper.

Then & Now

Do you think your work will never improve? If you do, then you’ll enjoy the latest CP Magic feature. Then & Now is a new column comparing an early work and a later work by one of your favorite artists.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

What’s so special about the different brands of colored pencils? Aren’t all colored pencils the same? Learn the differences between grades and types of colored pencils. The truth is that the quality of your pencils is often more important than the brand you prefer. This month’s Nothing But Pencils & Paper explains why.

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