CP Magic March 2020 Magazine

CP Magic is a monthly e-zine for colored pencil artists, designed for artists by an artist.

Each month features an artist interview and tutorial, a featured photo for you to download and draw, and regular columns.

This month’s featured artist is Carrie Lewis.

CP Magic March 2020

CP Magic March 2020

What’s In CP Magic March 2020

Featured Artist: Carrie Lewis

Carrie Lewis talks about her life as an artist, her switch from oil painting and horses to colored pencils and landscapes. She also discusses some of the surprises that came with changing mediums, in addition to becoming a full-time artist.

Carrie also describes how she used colored pencils on Clairefontaine PastelmatĀ  to draw a dramatic landscape. The tutorial also includes tips on finding the best composition from a reference photo.

Before-and-After Clinic

What is the best way to draw long fur so it looks real without also looking stringy? That was what this month’s artist wanted to know. Get the answer in the Before-and-After Clinic.

New Column: Making it Better

Introducing a new feature for CP Magic. A reader’s crit, in which Carrie helps a reader with suggestions on how to make water look more like water.

Featured Photo

The featured photo comes from Carrie’s collection of photos. You’re encouraged to download the photo and create your own drawing based on it. Any style as long as it’s colored pencil.

Like your finished drawing? Submit it for inclusion in a reader gallery in a future issue. Send the title (or the featured photo you used,) the paper, brand of pencils, and size of your drawing.


CP Magic March 2020 is a digital download only.

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