CP Magic! June 2021

CP Magic! June 2021

What’s in CP Magic! June 2021

CP Magic! June 2021

Featured artist Gail Jones interview

Mixed Media Tutorial Carrie Lewis

Jennifer Lane: The Joy of Floral Art

Tips for Improving Productivity

Featured Artist Gail Jones

The June issue of CP Magic is a special issue, with Gail Jones joining Carrie to talk about her artist’s journey.

Unlike many featured artists, Gail doesn’t consider herself a professional artist. Rather, she says she’s “more of an art student.” An enthusiastic learner pursuing many mediums and subjects.

Gail’s interview describes that learning progress in words and pictures, showing you how her colored pencil work has advanced from her early works to more recent works. It will encourage you in your own journey of improvement.


Carrie Lewis provides this month’s tutorial. She chose one of her favorite subjects—a horse—but combines India ink and colored pencils. If you’ve ever looked for ways to speed up the drawing process, then you’ll want to see how Carrie starts a portrait with India ink, and finishes with colored pencils.

Her tutorial includes a downloadable reference photo and line drawing.

The Joys of Floral Art

Jennifer Lane introduces a new, semi-regular column for all of the readers who enjoy floral art, and those who want to learn how to draw floral art.

Tips for Improving Productivity

We all sometimes feel bound by the clock and the calendar. So much so that finding time to make art seems impossible.

In this helpful article, Carrie shares a few simple ways you can start converting “wasted” time into creative time today.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Carrie discusses the basics of paper to help you understand what all that information means. She also shares a few suggestions on how to choose the right paper for your next project, including examples from her portfolio.

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