CP Magic! June 2020

CP Magic! June 2020

What’s In CP Magic! June 2020

CP Magic! June 2020

Featured Artist: Helen Carter interview & tutorial

CP Clinic: Can you really make great art from an average reference photo?

The Great Art Adventure sets out!

Making It Better: Art crit

Featured Artist: Helen Carter


Helen Carter came to art in a serious way after retirement. The focus of her work is pet portraits, but she also draws other subjects that catch her eye or spark creative interest. Subjects include human portraits, florals, and detail studies of animals of all types.

Her artist’s life hasn’t been an easy one, but it has been rewarding. You’ll be encouraged and inspired by her story and by her artwork.


“I used Canson Mi-Teintes Touch sanded paper, which enables more layers than regular black paper. It also permits some light over dark where tooth remains, so if you are using this paper, go easy with the pressure. But you will need to almost fill the tooth by the end.”

Helen draws a stunning red octopus beginning with a yellow under drawing. Includes tips on choosing the best color for the under drawing  as well as working on black paper in general.

The Great Art Adventure

“Have you ever stopped to think about how much of an adventure the artist’s life really is? You haven’t? Let me see if I can change your mind!”

Introducing a new monthly feature written by Carrie Lewis. The artist’s life isn’t all fun and frivolity. It comes with challenges, in addition to fun and that is the subject for this ongoing series.

CP Clinic

Is it possible to make great art from a reference photo in which the subject and the background are almost the same colors and values? Carrie shares a few imaginative ideas.

Making it Better

This month’s reader art crit comes from a reader who found a tutorial online. She did the tutorial, but also made changes of her own. Carrie shares a suggestions for improvements that will also help you take your next drawing up a level.

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