CP Magic! July 2022

CP Magic! July 2022

What’s in CP Magic! July 2022

Featured Artist: Heidi Elizabeth Seal interview and tutorial

Choosing What to Keep and What to Leave out of Reference Photos

Old Treasures: Eagle Colored Pencils

Art Corners

Tip Sheet

Featured Artist: Heidi Elizabeth Seal


Heidi Elizabeth Seal chats with Carrie about her life as an artist and her business doing commissioned portraits. Heidi is still early in her art career, but she’s already carved out her own niche. Her story may give you some ideas, too, if you happen to be a young artist or an artist who’s young at heart.


Her tutorial is on drafting film, but she shares three options for finishing your piece. Her ideas are spectacular!

Choosing What to Keep & Leave Out of Reference Photos

Carrie’s series on using your own reference photos concludes this month with an article that will help you decide what to keep and what to leave out of your reference photos. She also shares an all-time favorite photo and tells you why it’s never become a work of art.

See the May and June issues for the first two articles in the series.

Old Treasures: Eagle Colored Pencils

Have you ever found old colored pencils and wondered if they were any good? That happened to Carrie this spring, and this month, she describes these old treasures, reviews them, and shares the drawing she did with them.

Art Corners

In this month’s Art Corners, artist Diana Olson shares tips for traveling with your art supplies. Her tips for packing and setting up will help you on your next trip.

The Tip Sheet

July also sees the return of The Tip Sheet, in which Carrie shares a couple of ways she makes over-sized grids for drawings that are larger than a home printer.

Mixed Media in CP Magic!?

Would you like to see other dry media featured in CP Magic!? Teresa Gomoke sent a beautiful drawing done with PITT Pastel pencils, and Carrie would like to know if you would like to see more examples of mixed media work.

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