CP Magic! July 2020

CP Magic! July 2020

What’s In CP Magic! July 2020

CP Magic! July 2020

Featured Artist: Carol Leather Interview & Tutorial

CP Clinic: Reference Photos

The Great Art Adventure

Featured Artist: Carol Leather


Carol Leather has loved art since she was a child, but came to colored pencils in her early 50s. She incorporates interests in animals and photography into her artwork. Whenever possible, she prefers working from her own photography, but she is equally happy creating happy memories for pet owners.


“I chose Stonehenge for this project. It is relatively smooth, but has plenty of tooth which allows for multiple layers of pencil.

Carol shows how to draw feathers so they look like feathers, without drawing every single feather. Also learn what to leave out of a reference photo, in addition to creating subtle color and value transitions on Stonehenge paper.

The Great Art Adventure

“Whether you’re a “serious” artist working for money, a hobbyist dedicated to your craft, or a dabbler in art, you’ve no doubt discovered art is an adventure. One that never ends and is anything but predictable.”

CP Clinic

Is there only one good drawing or painting in a reference photo, or can you use the same photo for more than one work of art? Carrie believes some photos are meant for multiple art pieces, without them all looking alike.

Making it Better

This month’s reader art crit comes from a reader who wanted help and encouragement after trying to draw a light-colored dog working from light colors to dark colors. When your subject is quite light-colored and doesn’t have many dark values even in the shadows, what is the best way to work light to dark?

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