CP Magic! January 2023

CP Magic! January 2023

What’s in CP Magic! January 2023

CP Magic! January 2023

Featured Artist: Jan Fagan interview and tutorial

Jennifer Lane: I Am Okay

Jana Botkin: Neither Fish Nor Fowl—My Graphitint Story Graphitint Review

Carrie L. Lewis: Getting (and Staying) Creative

Featured Artist: Jan Fagan


Jan Fagan’s style is fun and whimsical and her work is filled with dragons, gnomes and dwarves. Get a peek into the reasons behind her unique style and subject choices, as well as encouragement in following your own artistic dreams.


Jan’s tutorial is beautiful and also useful! She shows you how to decorate a bamboo lid for an empty Oui yogart glass jar. The best part? You can do this project in just an hour or two, and you have a container ready-made for all kinds of potential uses!

And it’s fun!

I Am Okay

Jennifer Lane

Jennifer has written a great article on life as an artist dealing with a serious health issue. How does she do it? She tells you all about it in I Am Okay.

If you deal with any kind of health issue or any other life challenges, Jennifer’s article will give you a dose of good, old fashioned encouragement to get this year started right.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl—My Graphitint Story

Jana Botkin

Just what is Derwent Graphitint? Is it graphite, colored pencil, something in between or something else altogether? Jana Botkin shares her experiences with this unique drawing medium, including color charts, and a great mini step-by-step tutorial.

But That’s Not All

My contributions include two articles—Getting (and Staying) Creative, and Licensing Your Artwork.

Also in this month’s issue, Art Corners, Reader Gallery, the Tip Sheet, and Final Pencil Strokes.

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