CP Magic! January 2022

CP Magic! January 2022

What’s in CP Magic! January 2022

CP Magic! January 2022

Featured Artist: Jennifer Lane interview and tutorial

Going Pro as an Artist

Are there Paper-Pencil Combinations that Work Every Time?

Twelve Creativity Motivators for 2022

Featured Artist: Jennifer Lane


Jennifer Lane is a wife and the mother of two adult children and one teenager. In her early 30s, she developed several pain disorders and was no longer able to work as a Paralegal. With lots of time on her hands, she decided to learn to draw using graphite. That led to colored pencils and pastels. She talks openly about her remarkable journey from Paralegal to full-time artist.


For her tutorial, she chose a beautiful indoor Orchid for its rich shades of pink. She works on Pastelmat with a combination of PanPastels and colored pencils. The tutorial includes a detailed explanation of how she chooses colors and mixes PanPastels to get just the right color. It’s also packed with great tips to help you get the most from these two wonderful mediums.

Going Pro as an Artist

Most serious artists have thought about going pro as an artist at one time or another. But there are a lot of things to consider when making this decision.

In this month’s featured article, Carrie gives you five questions to ask yourself in deciding whether or not going pro is for you.

Are There Paper-Pencil Combinations 
That Work Every Time?

Finding the right colored pencils and the right drawing paper is a challenge for every artist. We all want to know the best matchups, don’t we?

But is there really such a thing as a paper-pencil combination (or two) that works every time?

For every artist?

Carrie answers that question, and shares her favorite paper-pencil matchups.

Twelve Creativity Motivators for 2022

Was making art a struggle last year?

Are you looking for ways to get or stay more motivated this year?

Carrie shares twelve ideas to get you started on a more creative and productive year in 2022.

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