CP Magic! February 2023

CP Magic! February 2023

CP Magic! February 2023 is something special.

CP Magic! February 2023 Cover

This special issue is an all-art collection of the best work from 2022.

Your Best Colored Pencil Work of 2022 features the work of over 70 artists from around the world.

Have you ever wondered just what you can do with colored pencils? This extraordinary issue shows you!

What’s in CP Magic! February 2023

There is no featured artist this month. Nor is there a tutorial.

Instead, you get pages and pages of nothing but colored pencil artwork for your enjoyment and encouragement.

The best colored pencil work from 2022 from artists from around the world fills entire magazine. You won’t believe the variety of subjects and styles in this showcase issue. It truly is stunning!

And it barely scratches the surface!

Revisit Some of Your Favorite Featured CP Magic! Artists

Twenty-nine featured artists from past issues share their best (or favorite) pieces from the year 2022, along with their thoughts on why they chose that subject, how they created it, or other unique aspects of their work.

I know my skill level isn’t quite up to theirs, yet you put me in. Thank you. To be included with such a wonderful bunch of artists encourages me and I appreciate that.  A growing artist needs the ability to look at oneself honestly and recognize where improvement is needed. That’s what I am trying to do.  To be included, to see what CAN be done by other artists who are really professional quality, makes me want to try harder, keep learning, push myself and always reach a little bit further out of my comfort zone, to get better.  Thank you again for the encouragement.

Gail Jones, Featured Artist June 2021
Discover New Artists at All Levels

Over forty pieces from other artists are also included in this showcase issue. Artists range from beginners to professional artists from all over the world. As with the featured artists, these artists work in a variety of styles to capture their favorite subjects.

The result is a stellar collection of over seventy pieces featuring a wide variety of styles, subjects, and artist vision.

You will find something to spur you on to making the best art you can make!

Congratulations to all those whose work was selected!

Thank you again to everyone who did your best work this year and dared to share it with the rest of us. Whether your work was included or not, kudos to you! Keep up the good work!

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