CP Magic! February 2020

CP Magic! February 2020

What’s in CP Magic! February 2020

CP Magic February 2020

Featured Artist: John Middick

Featured Tutorial: Portrait with colored pencil over Inktense.

Before-and-After Clinic: How long do you need to make a good colored pencil piece great?

Featured Artist: John Middick


John Middick is an accomplished portrait artist and teacher. He’s also the creator and host of the weekly Colored Pencil Podcast, a program dedicated to all things colored pencil. Encouraging new colored pencil artists is the program’s theme. John provides tips and techniques, as well as interviews with other colored pencil artists. A new episode airs every Monday.

John talks about his return to art after a career and how he discovered colored pencils. He also discusses his fascination with the human portrait and his quest to capture more than just a likeness with every portrait, as well as the motivation for passing his skills and knowledge on to other artists.


Can you use Derwent Inktense for an under painting, then layer colored pencil over it? The answer is “yes,” and John shows you how he combines these two mediums. He also uses the new Lux Archival sanded art paper from Brush & Pencil for this tutorial, so you can see how well it takes wet and dry color. The tutorial begins with the initial sketch directly on drawing paper and includes tips and tricks and special tools used throughout the drawing process.

Before-and-After Clinic

Calling a drawing finished before it’s really finished is one of the biggest mistakes new colored pencil artists make. So do a lot of us Golden Oldies! It’s easy to do. Maybe you think that putting color on every part of the drawing is enough. Carrie used to think that way, too.

But that isn’t usually a sign that a drawing is finished, and in this month’s Before-and-After Clinic, Carrie shows you just how much difference an extra hour or two of work can make. You may not believe the difference it can make in your work, too.

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