CP Magic! August 2022

CP Magic! August 2022

What’s in CP Magic! August 2022

Featured Artist: Patricia Mitchell interview & tutorial

Before You Accept Your First Commission

Colors for Skin Tones

Uses for scraps of expensive paper

Art Corners

Featured Artist: Patricia Mitchell


Patricia Mitchell has been an artist for most of her life, doing both fine art and decorative painting. She divides studio time between watercolors and colored pencils, sometimes combining those two mediums to produce her own distinctive artwork.


While her tutorial is all colored pencil, it is a combination of her two art loves. The result is artwork with a decorative flair and a subject that’s suitable for colored pencil on paper, paint on wood, or your own, unique combination.

Before You Accept Your First Commission

If you’re thinking about becoming a commission artist, you’ll want to read this month’s featured article to find out what you need to consider other than what you’ll draw and how you’ll draw it.

Colors For Skin Tones

Carrie answers a recent reader question with her recommendations for skin tone colors. But she also explains why every color in your pencil box could be considered a skin tone.

Art Corners

Shelley Oberholser shares her tip for making the best use of space with the digital device on which she views reference photos while drawing.

The Tip Sheet

Shelley also shares a very good tip for making use of those scraps of expensive paper you have left over when you trim paper to size.

Product Review: Cotman Watercolor Landscape Set by Winsor & Newton

What does Carrie think of Cotman Watercolors by Winsor & Newton? That’s the topic for this month’s product review.

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