CP Magic! August 2021

CP Magic! August 2021

What’s in CP Magic! August 2021

CP Magic! August 2021

Featured Artist: Kathryn Hansen interview & tutorial

The Landscape Artist

Making Your Studio Safe for Your Studio Assistants

Nothing but Pencils & Paper

Featured Artist: Kathryn Hansen


Kathryn Hansen is a long-time California resident whose artwork lives and breathes. Her goal with each pet portrait or wildlife piece is creating a work of art that inspires viewers. “I want each viewer to realize their connection to all living things,” she says.

Whether her subject is wildlife or a beloved pet, her focus is creating that special connection between the animal she’s drawing and her viewers.


Kathryn’s intermediate level tutorial is an up-close-and-personal study of a black wolf that she chose because of the contrast in textures and colors. It’s a compelling and beautiful composition designed to delight and challenge you.

4 Tips for Making Your Studio Safe for Your Studio Assistants

Many artists live and work with feathered or furry studio assistants. We give a lot of thought to how we organize our workspace, but how much thought do we give to the safety of our studio assistants?

Carrie shares four tips for making your workspace safe for your pets.

And yourself!

The Landscape Artist in Colored Pencils

This column returns in August with three very basic principles that make or break landscape art (or any art.)

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

With the August issue, this column dedicated to beginners is eight months old. If you’ve been following since January 2021, you’ve received a complete course introducing you to colored pencils, month by month.

Now it’s time to put that great information to work. Carrie shares one way to start making your own art with no pressure.

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