CP Magic April 2024

CP Magic April 2024

CP Magic April 2024 is packed full of great informative and entertaining articles. Every one is designed to motivate you in creating your own beautiful artwork.

What’s in CP Magic April 2024

CP Magic April 2024

Featured Artist: Linda Metzger Interview

Tutorial: Drawing on Stone by Kim Vlahovich

Enhancing Your Landscape Photography as a Colored Pencil Artist

Creative Boredom: What is it and how do you get past it?

Tips for Artists: Tip #1 Be Prepared to Persevere

Featured Artist: Linda Metzger

Linda Metzger is a long-time artist whose art journey isn’t typical. For one thing, she began as a portrait artist by hosting a portrait contest in which the winner got a free portrait. Most of us don’t think that way when we think of starting a portrait business.


Kim Vlahovich shows you how to draw on stones. Yes! You read right! Not only that, but he shows how to make your own rocks if you prefer a more uniform, predictable drawing surface. You’ll enjoy this fun weekend project.

Also in CP Magic April 2024

Enhancing Your Landscape Photography as a Colored Pencil Artist
Don Tate

Don Tate writes a beautiful and beautifully illustrated article that will help you improve your landscape photography. This is not just an article for improving photography, however. Don’s goal is to help landscape artists take better reference photos for the creation of artwork. The article includes beautiful samples of his own landscape photography.

Creative Boredom: What Is It and How do You Get Past It?
Carrie L. Lewis

Carrie’s article concerns a topic most artists would rather not talk about: creative boredom. But it is a reality many of us have faced, are facing or will face in the future. Because of that, it’s important to know some of the causes and how to respond to it. Carrie has dealt with creative boredom more than once, and offers a few ideas for overcoming it from personal experience.

The Final Pencil Stroke

This month welcomes the beginning of a new series dedicated to helping new artists get past some of the common pitfalls of being an artist. You know what? These tips apply to experienced artists, too!

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