CP Magic! April 2023

CP Magic! April 2023

What’s in CP Magic! April 2023

April 2023 CP Magic Cover 275

Featured Artist: Elisabetta De Maria interview and tutorial

Artists and Blogging Part 2: Getting Started

A Tool Every Artist Should Use

Licensing Your Artwork

Product Review: Afmat Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Featured Artist: Elisabetta De Maria


Italian artist Elisabetta De Maria has been an artist all of her life. Her primary creative outlet is music, but creating stunning, hyper-realistic artwork is her second love. Her main medium is pastel pencils, though she also uses colored pencils. Whatever medium she uses, she pays close attention to intricate detail.


Elisabetta’s tutorial is a fanciful image of a curious tree frog with a very old-fashioned camera. It’s not a quick project, but it is fun. She demonstrates using pastel pencils, but you can also complete this tutorial using colored pencils if you wish.

Also in April 2023 CP Magic!

Artists and Blogging: Part 2

In this installment, Carrie shares basic information on content management systems that you need to consider if you’re thinking about starting a blog. Part 1 of this series appears in the March 2023 issue of CP Magic!

Licensing Your Artwork

What is licensing, how does it work, and is it right for you? Carrie helps you decide whether or not you should consider licensing your artwork from the artist’s point of view.

Afmat Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Are you looking for a good pencil sharpener that produces a nice, long point? This may be the sharpener of your dreams. Carrie shares her initial impressions, including things she did and did not like.

The Final Pencil Stroke

Is it possible to pursue more than one artistic goal at the same time? More importantly, is that something you should do?

Also CP Magic! April 2023

The reader gallery is back, both in the magazine and online. This month’s collection was one of the best yet, so you’ll want to check it out here.

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