CP Magic! April 2021

CP Magic! April 2021

What’s in CP Magic! April 2021

CP Magic! April 2021

Featured artist Tammy Hoffert interview & tutorial

The Great Art Adventure

The Landscape Artist

Then & Now

Featured Artist: Tammy Hoffert


Tammy Hoffert is an accomplished artist living in North Dakota. She has loved doing art since the time she was a child. She has worked in a number of mediums, but once she discovered colored pencils, she discovered her true artistic passion. Her subjects cover a wide range of interests, but she is especially drawn to still life and floral compositions.


Tammy’s tutorial features a beautiful Yellow Swallowtail butterfly on a pink flower, and she drew this colorful duo on Ivy colored Canson Mi-Teintes paper. She shares tips for drawing delicate details and crisp colors, as well as step-by-step instruction.

The tutorial is suited for beginners and artists at all levels.

The Great Art Adventure

Trying new tools can be both fun and frightening. Facing a blank sheet of new and possibly expensive paper or sharpening those brand new pencils can be a challenge for some. What if we ruin the paper? What if we don’t like the pencils?

Carrie talks about her recent experiences with just such a situation. Her story might help you the next time you face the challenge of using brand new tools.

The Landscape Artist

Colored pencils are great for every subject and style under the sun. Including landscapes.

The Landscape Artist is a column dedicated to the artworks, methods, and writings of the colored pencil landscape artists among us.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

Are well-sharpened colored pencils always the best tools for the job? Are there times when dull or even blunt colored pencils are better?

That’s the subject for this month’s column for beginners. Carrie shares examples of dull, blunt, and very blunt tips, tells you how to get those tips, and when you might consider using them instead of sharp pencils.

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