CP Magic! April 2020

CP Magic! April 2020

What’s In CP Magic! April 2020

CP Magic! April 2020

Featured Artist: Dan Miller interview & tutorial

Carol Bond: Creative confidence. 

Before-and-After Clinic: Burnishing.

Making it Better:  How important are accurate line drawings?

Featured Artist: Dan Miller


Dan Miller has been making art since his growing up years in Nebraska. He is also an excellent writer, so he tells in his own words about his life as an artist, including how he discovered his favorite subject, and unique style.


“I try to simplify the landscape by eliminating superfluous details in order to capture its true essence…. It is my mission to discover a middle ground between realism and abstraction while creating contemporary works of art that are interpreted as heartfelt expressions of my reverence for Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.” – Dan Miller

Dan shows you how to simplify your landscape drawings through this step-by-step tutorial. Learn how he decides what to include in his drawings and what to leave out, and how to use color and value to capture the spirit of the landscape. See how he uses a technique as simple as cross-hatching to create depth. If you long for a simpler style of drawing, but don’t know where to begin, then this tutorial is for you.

Creative Confidence

Carol Bond is an artist and life coach who has a passion for helping other artists fulfill their potential. This passion is why Carol is helping artists through her coaching business, carolbondlifecoaching.com, and beginnersandbeyond.com, her site for colored pencil artists. She shares tips for developing and maintaining creative confidence.

Before-and-After Clinic

Burnishing is a method of blending in which you blend by using heavy pressure. The colors are all mixed together physically and forced down into the tooth of the paper, producing colors that look more vibrant and saturated. Carrie demonstrates how to create smooth, deeply saturated color by burnishing. She also shares tips on when to burnish for the best results.

Making it Better

This month’s reader art crit features a lovely cat. Carrie shares a few ideas on how to improve her work and how you can check your own work.

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