Colored Pencils The Direct Method Step by Step

Second Edition

Colored Pencils The Direct Method Step by Step 600Colored Pencils: The Direct Method Step by Step is based on the colored pencil drawing, Afternoon Graze (shown on the cover). Learn about each phase of Carrie’s drawing process with full color illustrations and descriptions.

But it’s more than just a step-by-step description the direct method of drawing with colored pencils. The book also features tips on basic techniques, a basic materials list, and helpful hints on using colored pencils. Colored Pencils: The Direct Method Step by Step is filled with detailed instruction for artists from the beginning level to advanced and for anyone who wants to try their hand with colored pencils.

From the Introduction

For many artists who love drawing horses, the most difficult thing to get right is not the horse, but the landscape. I know that was the case for me. For many years, portraits featured plain backgrounds or tonal backgrounds with gradated color and value. Because backgrounds were so often little more than a necessary distraction, I often used acrylics just so I could get to the horse more quickly. To further speed up the process, I prepped the panel with whatever color I wanted for the background!

When I started using colored pencils, I usually chose a colored paper that completely eliminated the need for drawing a background. Colored paper was like an answer to prayer!

But I eventually tired of doing such portraits and started painting or drawing horses in their natural environment, whether that was a paddock, a stall, a race track, or an open feld. Needless to say, that required learning how to draw more complicated backgrounds—including landscapes!

About The Direct Method Step by Step

Based on the drawing, Afternoon Graze

86 pages

Detailed step-by-step instructions

Full-color illustrations

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