Bob the Kitten Tutorial

Bob the Kitten Tutorial, based on the popular October email drawing class.

No drawing is ever perfect; it’s only as good as you can make it at the time you draw it. As you practice, you will get better. The more you draw, the better you’ll get at creating rich color, vibrant contrast, and more realistic portraits.

Bob the Kitten Tutorial

Bob the Kitten TutorialBob the Kitten  is designed and written for intermediate and advanced artists of all ages or for beginning artists looking for a real challenge.

Carrie describes each step of the process in full detail. Over 100 full-color illustrations show Carrie’s drawing process.  Instructions are easy to follow.

Also get tips and suggestions for improving your own work, including problem solving when things don’t go as planned.

The tutorial includes the reference photo, a complete line drawing, and supply list.

If you weren’t able to join the email drawing class live, you can now get the same instruction the students received.

From the Introduction

The goal for this tutorial is to teach you how to use of the color of the paper as a base or medium value. You’ll also see how I draw eyes, hair, and a fluffy rug so they look real.

I’ll also describe in detail the basic three-step method I use, beginning with an under drawing and working through to the final layers and finishing touches.

I also hope to encourage you to keep on with a project when things don’t go as planned. As you already know if you’ve been an artist for very long, plans go off track now again, so problem solving is as important as choosing the right pencils or paper. I’ve included a chapter devoted to using a photo editor to test potential solutions before trying them on your drawing.

Above all, I hope you have fun with the project and pick up handy, and useful tips along the way. I also hope you conclude this tutorial tutorial with the confidence to draw your own animal companion.

Bob the Kitten Tutorial

176 pages

Materials List with Color Charts

Step-by-step instructions with illustrations

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