December 2022 CP Magic! Magazine

December 2022 CP Magic! Magazine

What’s in December 2022 CP Magic! Magazine

December 2022 CP Magic! Magazine

Oksana Burr joins CP Magic! magazine as the December featured artist.

Born and trained in Russia, Oksana’s classical art training influences every subject she draws. Her attention to detail shines through in all of her work.

Her tutorial is a case in point. She chose the rugged trunk of an ancient Sycamore tree, and she used colored pencils and PanPastel to render the character of the tree on Pastelmat.

The Seven Best Business Tips I Ever Received

Jana Botkin shares the best business tips she ever heard and which she learned while working in a local small business. While these tips are geared toward brick-and-mortar marketing, they are also applicable to online marketing.

Book Review

Drawing Animal Portraits in Coloured Pencil by Lisa Ann Watkins. Review by Carrie L. Lewis.

What Can You Do with Two Colors and Toned Paper?

You might be surprised!

That’s December 2022 CP Magic! magazine in Summary

There is, of course, much more. 40 pages worth of “more” in this issue, so you don’t want to miss it.

You can buy the December 2022 Issue of CP Magic! here and get 40 pages of great art and great art information for only $3.99!

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