CP Magic September 2020 is Here!

CP Magic September 2020 is Here!

CP Magic September 2020 is now available and waiting to inform, entertain, and inspire you!

CP Magic September 2020 Cover

What’s in CP Magic September 2020

Featured Artist

Cynthia Knox, CPSA, is a colored pencil and graphite artist whose work has received numerous awards nationally and internationally. She’s the author of many art instructional books and teaches art workshops to individuals and large groups throughout the United States, internationally, on cruises, and online. In addition, she offers downloadable tutorials through her website. Cynthia not only shares the story of her art journey, but offers fellow artists a healthy dose of encouragement for staying the course AND trying new things.

Cynthia demonstrates how to render a small bird on a cherry blossom branch (above.) She leaves the background white, but you are welcome to color it in a similar hue as the photo.

CP Clinic

What are you really doing when you draw? Unless you’re sculpting or creating non-representational art, your goal is creating the illusion of space on flat paper. You want the things you draw to look real. Right?

It sounds easy, but how do you do it so your drawing looks real? Learn three secrets to success in creating the illusion of space with every subject.

The Great Art Adventure

Part of the Great Art Adventure is finding the best images to use for reference photos. But whose photos are safe to use and where can you get high-quality images without either paying large fees or running the risk of legal problems?

Ask Carrie

Does using any kind of solvent on colored pencil artwork make the artwork a fire hazard? Have you ever wondered about that? If you have, then Carrie has the answer for you and for the reader.

About CP Magic

CP Magic is a monthly digital publication written by a colored pencil artist—yours truly—for colored pencil artists at all levels. That’s you!

Each month features an artist interview and tutorial so you can meet the artist and see how they work. Other columns include the Great Art Adventure, CP Clinic, and a featured photo.

Get your copy of CP Magic September 2020 today.

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