CP Magic October 2020 is Here!

CP Magic October 2020 is Here!

CP Magic October 2020 is now available and waiting to inform, entertain, and inspire you!

CP Magic October 2020 cover

What’s in CP Magic October 2020

Featured Artist

Rochelle “Shelley” Oberholser is the featured artist this month. Shelley is a self-taught artist who learned most of what she knows about colored pencil by trying new things. Yes, a lot of those things didn’t work for her, but she also found a lot of things that did work, and her insight into this style of working and learning is a treasure for all of us.

Her still life tutorial (shown above) demonstrates her “try-it-and-see-if-it-works” drawing method. It’s a great tutorial, but it also provides a peek into Shelley’s thinking process.

CP Clinic

Have you ever stopped to consider how you might frame your art before you start drawing? I recently received a question from a reader who wanted to know how to determine the size of his work so it would be easy and inexpensive to frame.

The answer turned into this month’s CP Clinic.

The Great Art Adventure

Every adventure comes with side trips and forks in the road, but not all those side trips are helpful. Do you know how to decide whether something is a distraction to avoid or an opportunity to seize?

Ask Carrie

You bought a collection of open stock pencils, or a small set of pencils that didn’t include gray colors. You want to add a few gray colors to your collection, but there are so many choices. Which colors should you buy?

Also, can studio lighting be too bright?

Get the answer to both questions in the October 2020 issue of CP Magic!.

About CP Magic

CP Magic is a monthly digital publication written by a colored pencil artist—yours truly—for colored pencil artists at all levels. That’s you!

Each month features an artist interview and tutorial so you can meet the artist and see how they work. Other columns include the Great Art Adventure, CP Clinic, a featured photo, and more.

Get your copy of CP Magic! October 2020 today.


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