CP Magic May 2022

CP Magic May 2022

May 2022 Issue of CP Magic!

CP Magic May 2022 is spectacular. Just look at this beautiful cover piece. The image, Dance of the Lily Pads, is by Cindy Valek Mottl.

Cindy creates the most remarkable artwork of water, and she provided several images featuring water, nature scenes, and even a floral and a portrait. Her work really is inspiring!

As the featured artist, Cindy chatted with me by email. We talked about her journey as an artist, the art she loves to create, and how she plans each piece.

Planning includes taking her own reference photos, so I asked her about the equipment she uses and how she uses photography to begin planning new work.

She also provided a beautiful tutorial featuring river rocks. The tutorial includes still water and white water, and was drawn on drafting film. Cindy not only included step-by-step descriptions and beautiful images, but a few favorite tips for working on drafting film. For example, did you know you could erase color to create special affects when you draw on drafting film?

What Else is in the May 2022 Issue of CP Magic!

The featured article for May shares a few basic tips for taking your own reference photos. If that thought has ever even just crossed your mind, I encourage you to read this one. Hint: It’s not as difficult as you may be thinking.

And if you’re serious about becoming a better photographer, I share a link at the end of the article that provides all the photographic instruction and encouragement you’ll ever need to become a proficient photographer.

Other articles include my thoughts on judging an art exhibit, reader tips for working in small art spaces, the CP Magic! Reader Gallery, and more.

And don’t forget, I’ve also included a featured photo hand-picked from my own library of digital photos. You can download the photo and create your own artwork from it.

I happen to think every issue of the magazine is spectacular, but you can’t blame me for that.

But the May 2022 issue really is beautiful and informative. I hope it also motivates you to make some great art of your own.

You can buy the May 2022 Issue of CP Magic! here. Of course, back issues are always also available, so browse through all of them.

Of course, back issues are always also available, so browse through all of them.

All CP Magic! Products are digital downloads only.

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