CP Magic Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists

CP Magic magazine provides colored pencil news to colored pencil artists. Each month features a different artist whom you will meet through an interview and then see at work with an exclusive tutorial.

I’d also like to do a monthly crit, but I need drawings for that. If you would like to participate by providing a drawing to crit, contact me. If your drawing is chosen, I’ll send you the issue in which your drawing appears for free.

You don’t need to subscribe to this magazine. Nor do you need to join a special group on my mailing list or join yet another list. Instead, pay for each issue as it publishes.

Per issue price is $3.99, with immediate download.

CP Magic Magazine: Latest Issue

CP Magic Magazine: January 2020

January 2020

Featured Artist
Peggy Osborne

Meet Peggy, then see how she drew this stunning horse study.

Also includes CP Magic Before-and-After Clinic and a featured photo.


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