Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

CP Magic! Magazine

CP Magic! March 2021

Featured artist Chloe Hibberd interview and tutorial. The Great Art Adventure. Ask Carrie. Then and Now. Nothing But Pencils & Paper


CP Magic! February 2021

Featured artist Denise Howard interview & tutorial. The Great Art Adventure. Nothing but Pencils & Paper. Ask Carrie.


CP Magic! January 2021

Featured artist John Stansfield interview and tutorial. The Great Art Adventure, Nothing But Pencils & Paper. Ask Carrie


2020 CP Magic! Bundle

Buy 2020 issues of CP Magic magazine by the bundle (that’s 12 issues!) and save 10% off the price of individual downloads.


CP Magic! December 2020

Special Edition: Christmas Gift Guide. Tutorial by Carrie L. Lewis. Maintaining an art habit through the holidays.


CP Magic! November 2020

Featured artist Cathy Antkes Choyce interview and tutorial. Overcoming obstacles. Goal setting for maximum productivity.


CP Magic! October 2020

Featured artist Rochelle “Shelley” Oberholser interview and tutorial. Easy ways to decide the size of your next drawing.


CP Magic! September 2020

Featured artist Cynthia Knox interview and tutorial. Finding the best reference photos. Creating the illusion of form on paper.


CP Magic! August 2020

Featured artist Mindy Lighthipe Interview and tutorial, artist leaps of faith, complementary colors, more.


CP Magic! July 2020

Featured artist Carol Leather interview and tutorial. Thoughts on reference photos. Reader art crit.


CP Magic! June 2020

Featured artist Helen Carter interview and tutorial. Great art from average reference photos. Reader art crit.


CP Magic! May 2020

Featured artist John Ursillo interview and tutorial. Using photo editors to evaluate finished artwork. Reader art crit.

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