CP Magic June 2021 now Available

Announcing CP Magic June 2021, with featured artist Gail Jones and a new column for all of you who love drawing flowers. This issue is 40 pages of great and inspiring information for colored pencil artists at all levels.

Here’s a peek.

What’s in CP Magic June 2021

The Featured Artist

Gail Jones is the featured artist for June. Unlike many featured artists, Gail doesn’t consider herself a professional artist. Rather, she says she’s “more of an art student.” An enthusiastic learner pursuing many mediums and subjects and her work shows that variety of interests and mediums.

If you’ve ever wondered if your art is good enough or if you should continue spending time with it, then you’ll find encouragement from Gail’s story.

Mixed Media Tutorial

Carrie Lewis provides this month’s tutorial. She chose one of her favorite subjects—a horse—but combines India ink and colored pencils for a mixed media work that combines the best of both.

Are you looking for ways to speed up the drawing process? Carrie shows you how to start a portrait with India ink, and finishes with colored pencils.

Her tutorial includes a downloadable reference photo and line drawing.

Carrie classifies this tutorial as intermediate, but artists at all levels can successfully complete it.

New in June: The Joy of Floral Art

Artist Jennifer Lane joins CP Magic with a special column for floral artists, The Joy of Floral Art.

This column is the latest in a rotating selection of special columns relating to subjects. Beginning with landscape art in April, and pet portraits in May, this series of columns will alternate through the year.

Jennifer talks about her own discovery of the joys of creating floral art, and shares a few basic tips for starting or improving your own beautiful floral art.

CP Magic June 2021

Also in CP Magic May 2021

Tips for Improving Productivity

Carrie has talked many times about ways to improve creativity. Now she shares the ways she’s found for improving productivity by turning idle time into drawing time.

Nothing But Pencils & Paper for Beginners

Are you new to colored pencils? Then this monthly column is for you! This month’s topic is paper and includes the basics of paper and tips for choosing the best paper for your next project.

The CP Magic Reader Gallery

The CP Magic Reader Gallery is dedicated reader work. Selections cover the range of skill levels.

The full collection is available for viewing online. Take a peak at the June collection here, then learn how you can submit your latest finished colored pencil artwork.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Have you ever reached the end of an issue of CP Magic, and wished there was more to read? The Final Pencil Strokes wraps up each issue with links to three colored pencil blog posts for further information on the wonderful world of colored pencils.

About CP Magic

CP Magic is a monthly digital publication written by colored pencil artists for colored pencil artists at all levels.

Each month features an artist interview and tutorial so you can meet the artist and see how they work. You also get great general-interest articles and regular columns and features with each issue.

Get your copy of CP Magic June 2021 today.

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