CP Magic February 2021 is Here!

CP Magic February 2021 is Here!

CP Magic February 2021 is

CP Magic February 2021

What’s in CP Magic February 2021

The Featured Artist for This Month

February 2021 features California artist Denise Howard. A versatile creator, she’s worked in a number of mediums, but has chosen colored pencil as her primary medium. She pursues her art with energy and dedication while also continuing a full-time career as a software engineer.

February Tutorial

Denise draws many subjects, but nature and animals are among her favorites. She draws a collection of autumn leaves graced with raindrops for this month’s tutorial, and you’ll learn how she creates a wide range of colors and values using similar colors. You’ll also get a look at many of her drawing methods, as well her thoughts on a new paper recently introduced by Royal Talens, Royal Talens Toned Colour Paper.

The Great Art Adventure

Do you wonder if your artwork is good enough?

Carrie shares her thoughts on one of the least often noticed, but most important skill every artist needs.

Also in This Issue

Nothing But Pencils & Paper

This column continues with a list of basic colored pencil terms and definitions for those among us who are just beginning.

The Final Pencil Strokes

Have you ever reached the end of an issue of CP Magic, and wished there was more to read? The Final Pencil Strokes wraps up the February 2021 issue with links to three colored pencil blog posts for further information on the wonderful world of colored pencils.

Also in CP Magic February 2021

Ask Carrie

Featured Photo

About CP Magic

CP Magic is a monthly digital publication written by a colored pencil artist—yours truly—for colored pencil artists at all levels. That’s you!

Each month features an artist interview and tutorial so you can meet the artist and see how they work. Other columns include the Great Art Adventure, CP Clinic, a featured photo, and more.

Get your copy of CP Magic February 2021 today.

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