Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Ideas for new colored pencil email drawing classes are constantly taking shape. Everywhere I look, I see potential subjects.

Holiday candies (if I can keep from eating all my subjects!)

Christmas lights and outdoor decorations.

Ribbons and bows and colorful gift wrapping.

Snowy landscapes, and kittens, and bare trees….

The potential is endless!

Believe it or not, I’ve even considered an afternoon or weekend class on blending and hyping up contrast!

New Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

To top it all off, some of you have asked about new classes, and some have even suggested topics (I love the wrinkled aluminum foil idea!)

What Email Drawing Classes Include

This past Fall, students walked with me through the process of drawing clouds, drawing from life, drawing a kitten, and drawing a red Christmas ornament. Each class presented specific challenges and rewards.

Each class included:

Reference photo and line drawing where necessary

Complete lessons

Full-color illustrations

Feedback from me

Lots of tips

A free ebook based on the class

Classes were designed for beginning artists and intermediate artists, and lasted a month or less.

What Makes These Classes Unique from My Other Email Drawing Classes

Limited in length. The longest class lasts only five weeks. Most will be four weeks or less.

Low cost. Only $20 per class (for 30-day classes).

No limit on the number of students. That’s why the tuition is so low.

Possible Class Projects

Drawing a landscape using the umber under drawing method

Using  French Greys for a cat portait

Drawing candy or some other food item

Colored pencil blending methods

Hyping up contrast

Drawing a still life with glass

When Does All this Start?

The class schedule is still very tentative, though I hope to begin this summer.

But I want to give you the opportunity to get the latest news on these classes, and all other courses upcoming in 2019 and beyond.


Simple! Sign up for my free New Colored Pencil Email Drawing Class mailing list.

Not only will you get the latest news before everyone else; you’ll get early-bird discounts, possibly multi-class discounts, and other special offers. Just click the button below, fill out the form, and confirm your wish to receive news, and you’re in.

New Colored Pencil Email Drawing Class List

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