Colored Pencil Course Testimonials

I ended up with a piece of art I am proud of as well as having an enjoyable experience

I have always enjoyed drawing but had gotten away from it for several years. As a result I had a tremendous lack of confidence and struggled with inspiration.

I saw Carrieā€™s ad for this course and since I have admired her work for a long time I felt this was a good opportunity to get back into art. I made the right decision.

She helped me choose a good photo and gave me advice on how to get started. She helped me choose the right pencils and colours. Any questions I had were answered right away.

Once I got going and could feel my confidence return, I ended up with a piece of art I am proud of as well as having an enjoyable experience. I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to improve their art.

Laurene St Amand

Carrie makes creating art seem like it’s within anyone’s grasp

When I registered for a colored pencil course with Carrie, I felt more than a little shy and intimidated. I had never completed an entire drawing using colored pencils. I was new to layering, burnishing, mixing colors, etc., etc. How would I ever render a piece of art I didn’t want to stuff into a bottom drawer somewhere? How could I possibly begin to master the medium?

Carrie put me at ease immediately with our very first email. She is not only a superb artist, she is a wonderful teacher with a humble, patient way about her. Though she is in firm command of all the technical aspects of rendering successful colored pencil art, the gift that sets her apart and makes her a joy to learn from is her ability to convey the possibilities and capabilities of colored pencil into a simple, joyful language that beginners like me can understand and emulate. Carrie’s successes are obvious, but she is also candid about her own struggles as a beginner and all the ‘failures’ that she has stuffed into her own bottom drawer.

Carrie makes creating art seem like it’s within anyone’s grasp, even mine! If she can do it, I can do it too! Carrie’s combination of being a wonderful artist and a superb teacher make her a joy to work with. I’m looking forward to our next project together!

Betty Johnson

Colored Pencil Course Testimonials - Mt. Hood. Betty Johnson
Mt. Hood, by Betty Johnson

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