Colored Pencil Course FAQs

Online colored pencil course FAQs. Have a question about the course? Others may have asked the same questions. Get the answers here.

Online Colored Pencil Course FAQs

“You know, I’d really like to learn how to make my own drawings, but I’ve been doing tutorials or adult coloring pages for so long, I don’t know if I’m good enough.”

Let me let you in an a little secret: No one starts out good enough. Every artist you know and admire today started out right where you are. They got where they are today by working with the natural gifts they were given and learning everything they could learn about their craft.

And they drew. A lot!

You can do the very same thing. It won’t be quick or easy, but it is possible. I’d love the opportunity to show you how.

“My biggest problem is discouragement. My ideas look so great when I start, but then something happens and they all look like trash. I can’t seem to finish anything! Can you help me?”

My friend, I know exactly what you’re saying. It seems like every drawing I attempt to do goes through the same cycle and I struggle with discouragement and even disillusionment frequently.

So if you decide to join me in this program, you won’t be getting “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” advice from me. Oh no!

The biggest strength I bring to my online colored pencil course is an understanding of what it’s really like to see that grand and glorious idea falter somewhere in the drawing process. I know! I’ve been there!

And I can help you get past those moments, too. All you have to do is let me know what’s happening in your art world, and I’ll help you get through it, over it, under it…. Past it.

“I’ve been an artist for a long time and people tell me my work is good, but I just don’t see it. Nothing I finish ever really measures up to the ideal in my mind when I start. I feel like just giving up altogether and taking up sewing or something easy!”

Don’t give up. Whatever else you might do, do not give up!

And don’t let your self-assessment of your work or your skill as an artist derail you. All creative people encounter times of self-doubt. It’s as much a part of life as breathing. You just have to resist it, and find ways to overcome it.

As an artist who deals frequently with self-doubt, I can offer you the encouragement that comes from firsthand experience. No fluff or warm fuzzies here. Just good, sound counsel and suggestions on moving beyond self-doubt.

(By the way, sewing isn’t easy. I have two sisters who sew and I’ve seen what they do. What they make look so easy confuses and frustrates me!)

“That all sounds good, but there are a lot of artists offering a colored pencil course or class now. Why is your program any better than theirs?”

Short answer? For a lot of people, my online colored pencil course probably isn’t better than anyone else’s. Truth be told, it’s not the right program for a lot of you.

How can I say something like that about something I’m trying to promote? Easy!

I’ve been a portrait artist for over 40 years. A lot of people saw my portraits in person, in print media, and on the internet. A lot of them told me how much they liked my work.

If every person who complimented me also bought a portrait, I wouldn’t teaching right now. I’d have portraits scheduled for the next five years. Maybe more!

The same thing will happen with this course.

Quite simply, this program is a good match for some, and a poor match for most. Anyone who’s marketed anything for any length of time understands and accepts the truth of that.

So maybe my course isn’t a good fit for you, your artistic sensibilities, or what you want to do with your art. If I’m not a good fit for you, that’s okay. No hard feelings.

But if I am, then you have the confidence of partnering with an artist who has been doing art for nearly sixty years. An artist who has painted portraits for money and knows about satisfying clients, marketing portraits, even making farm visits and photographing subjects.

Not into portraits? I also have experience drawing landscapes and other subjects including cats and dogs, still life, and life drawing. If those things interest you, then lets talk.

Ask whatever you want to ask before you spend your hard earned money. Lets see if we really are a good fit or not.

At the very least, we can maybe save you some money by determining this program isn’t the right one for you. I may even be able to suggest an artist who will be a better fit!

How cool would that be?

“I really want to learn how to draw more realistically with colored pencils, but don’t have a lot of money.”

I certainly know about living on a snug—or even a tight—budget. Sometimes, it seems like I’ve spent most of my life there!

The good news is that this colored pencil course doesn’t cost a lot. Just $30 a month, and you pay as you go. If you want a month of teaching, pay for that month. You’ll get all the perks for that month and I’ll answer any and all questions you care to ask through the end of the month.

If you want another month, pay for it.

But if you don’t, then you’re under no further obligation.

And if you want to continue, but need to take a break, you’re absolutely free to do that, too.

“I love the concept and I’m ready to learn more about colored pencils. But I don’t want to mess around with monthly payments. Can I pay for the entire course up front?”

Absolutely. The upfront fee is $300. You get all the same encouragement, instruction, and guidance, but don’t have to worry about paying a monthly fee.

You buy something else, too. Time. Enough time to do one complete project from choosing the right reference photo to adding the finishing touches on your artwork. No matter how many months it takes.

“Is there anyway to get long-term help? I really feel like I need someone to walk with me for more than just a year.”

There certainly is. It’s called coaching and I’m working out the details on that right now. Not all the details are worked out yet, but I can tell you two things up front.

First, you will get more than just help with a project. You’ll get help with setting up an art career, fine-tuning your vision if you have one and coming up with one if you don’t. You’ll get encouragement for art and life.

You’ll get a friend who knows what it’s like to try to do what looks impossible and who knows what it’s like to be discouraged.

Second, it will cost more. More of your time and effort. More desire to succeed.

And more money.

In short, what I hope coaching for colored pencil artists becomes is a long-term relationship between me and you in which I share all the ups and downs of my art life with you so you can succeed.

Does that sound interesting? Email me and lets talk about it. Make sure to mention coaching in either the subject line or the body of the email.

Is The Online Colored Pencil For You?

I hope these colored pencil course FAQs have helped you decide one way or another. If you didn’t find the answer to your specific question, contact me. I’m always happy to help new students find the right course options before they spend their hard-earned money.

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