Colored Pencil Classes by Download

You want to take a class with Carrie, but don’t have the time or money to travel to in-person workshops. Nor are you able to do the full-project online colored pencil course. What can you do? Have you considered online colored pencil classes?

Carrie offers a series of short colored pencil classes delivered by downloadable PDF. Each class takes less than a month to complete, and the lessons are yours to keep and use over and over.

Learn a Topic in 30 Days or less with colored pencil class downloads

Downloadable Colored Pencil Classes

These classes are short studies focusing on one subject, tool, or technique. You will not have a completed drawing when you finish, but you will learn something specific to where you are in your art journey.

Downloadable colored pencil classes cover a specific subject from beginning to end, and all students work on the same subject using same method.

The first lesson for each class is delivered when you complete enrollment. A link to the next lesson is given at the end of each lesson, so you can download them as you need them. No emails cluttering your inbox. Work as quickly (or slowly) as you wish.

Classes include:

Reference photo and line drawing (when applicable)

Complete materials list

Detailed step-by-step instruction

Full-color illustrations

Special tips and notes

Feedback from Carrie by email

Current Downloadable Colored Pencil Classes

Classes for Beginners

Introduction to Colored Pencils


Introduction to Colored Pencil is a three-lesson class in which you’ll learn the basics of using colored pencils.

The class includes an introduction to basic terms, types and grades of pencils, basic paper information, and all the types of pencil strokes you need to get the most out of your colored pencils.

Three Lessons

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Introduction to Colored Pencil

Classes by Subject

How to Draw a Tree Branch with Watercolor Pencils

Beginners & Higher

Learn how to use watercolor pencils to paint a simple tree branch in four easy steps. This class includes tips for mounting paper, two ways to use colored pencils, and step-by-step instruction.

Two Lessons



New Classes

New classes begin soon. Email me to have your name added to your favorites today to get the latest news on subjects, scheduling and more. Make sure to let me know which class(es) you’re interested in.

Technique Topics

How to Layer and Blend Effectively


Beginner & Higher

In this class you’ll learn how to effectively layer and blend colors without resorting to solvents or other special tools.

Can’t wait for the class? The Only Blending Tools You’ll Ever Need for Colored Pencils is available now as a downloadable PDF tutorial.

How to Blend with Solvent


Beginner & Higher

Learn how to blend with odorless mineral spirits on a variety of papers and with different pencils.

How to Use the Umber Under Drawing Method


Beginner & Higher

See how to use the umber under drawing method to create realistic and natural looking landscapes.

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Subject Topics

How to Draw Calico Fur


Beginner & Higher

Students for this class will see how to draw realistic calico fur using colored pencils.

How to Draw a Cat’s Eye


Beginner & Higher

In this class, you’ll learn how to draw a cat’s eye so it looks realistic. The lesson also includes drawing the fur around the eye.

How to Draw a Cloud


Beginner & Higher

In this class, you’ll learn how to draw a cloud with a bit of sky for the background. The class focuses on drawing smooth color and creating values and color.

How to Draw a Rainbow


Beginner & Higher

In this class, you’ll learn how to draw a rainbow with a portion of cloud and sky. The focus of this class is blending smooth colors so they fade into one another.

How to Draw Water


Beginner & Higher

In this class, you’ll learn how to draw a small patch of water with adjacent grass and other elements. The class focuses on breaking down water into less complex shapes and rendered each for a believable whole.

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

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