Colored Pencil Blending Methods

Colored Pencil Blending Methods

There are so many colored pencil blending methods available today that choosing the right one can be frustrating or confusing. Or both.

Do you go with trendy, or stick with tried-and-true?

Do you need fancy tools or can you get by with what you have in your colored pencil tool box?

Colored Pencil Blending Methods - Colorless Blenders

Colored Pencil Blending Methods Made Easy

I can’t say that I wrestled much with blending when I started with colored pencils, but that was over twenty years ago. The only options I knew about were colorless blenders, blending markers, and the pencils themselves.

I learned to blend by layering one color over another to create different colors, or the same color to create smoother color. While I was learning the basics of colored pencil work, there wasn’t time for other methods or tools. Even if they had been available.

A Lot Has Changed

A lot has changed since I first picked up a colored pencil. You have only to look at the colored pencil section on your favorite online art store to see the changes.

Or watch enough YouTube videos.

Everything from authentic art supplies for other mediums to common household substances are being used to blend colored pencils. It never occurred to me to put baby oil on one of my horse portraits ten or twenty years ago. Yet artists use it routinely now.

And some of the newer products such as those made by Brush & Pencil were as yet unknown.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about three basic blending methods. It was so popular that I expanded the content and published it as an ebook.

Blending Colored Pencils Without Solvents

Things continued to change though. New supports came onto the market, as well as new blending methods.

So I’ve updated the blending content again. Blending Colored Pencils Without Solvents is a downloadable tutorial. It explains non-solvent blending methods in more detail, as well as how and when to use them for the best results.

You don’t have to discover basic colored pencil blending methods by trial and error. Get your copy of this new tutorial and start mastering blending today.

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