Blazing Sunset Tutorial for Advanced Artists

Blazing Sunset Tutorial for Advanced Artists

Are you ready for something exciting? Then let your creativity and imagination run wild with the Blazing Sunset Tutorial for advanced artists.

This tutorial began as an experiment. I found a photo I absolutely had to draw, and that was perfect for testing Brush & Pencil colored pencil painting tools on Lux Archival paper. The results?

In a word, thrilling!

Laying down color was fun, easy, and fast! So was blending. I even got to do a little brush work, something I learned to love as an oil painter. A world of possibilities opened before me as I worked through this drawing.

Now, I want to share that world with you through this tutorial.

Blazing Sunset Tutorial for Advanced Artists

This is a great tutorial, but it’s more than just a tutorial.

In addition to the usual detailed step-by-step instruction and clear images you’ve come to expect from my tutorials, you’ll read my thoughts on each of the new products I tried. I’ll share not only what worked, but what didn’t, so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made!

But most of all, I want to encourage you to begin the transition from duplicating other people’s are through tutorials to making your own art from scratch. I’ve described how I made that transition. Now I want to help you make the same transition.

This tutorial is the beginning of that process.

What is an Advanced Tutorial?

Advanced colored pencil tutorials are designed to assist beginner and intermediate artists transition to making their own art.

If you enjoy tutorials but really want to make your own art start to finish, the advanced tutorials at Colored Pencil Tutorials will help you.

This tutorial includes a full supply list, and a color chart so you can match colors if you don’t have Polychromos pencils. It also includes a full-size reference photo!

It does not include a line drawing. That’s one of the reasons it’s an advanced tutorial. But you know what? I hope you’ll have as much fun creating your own forest of trees as I had!

Blazing Sunset Tutorial for Advanced Artists

Are You Ready for Something Fun?

If you’re ready to try this new method of using colored pencils, I hope you’ll give this tutorial a try. It’s written so you can create your own blazing sunset, then follow the same steps for your own landscape.

And if you’re just looking for a new project to draw, then why not give this tutorial a try?

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