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Ask me a question. Any question (so long as it’s related to colored pencils.) Nothing is off the table.

November is just around the corner, so December isn’t far behind. December has been the perfect month for answering reader questions in the past and I’m planning another Q&A month this December.

So now is the perfect time to ask for your questions!

Ask me a question

Creating art can be a frustrating and painful process.

Colored pencils are, by their nature, capable of causing artists a seemingly endless amount of creative pain.

For me, it’s the time it takes to create even small drawings. I love the medium and I love the way a well-done colored pencil drawing looks. But it takes so much time!

What about you?

When it comes to colored pencils, colored pencil art, or any part of the process, what gives you the most trouble?

Questions can cover any method, material, or subject you like. Drawing. Shading. Blending. Preserving finished work, marketing, sales, or dealing with customers and clients.

If you would like more in-depth information on a topic we’ve already talked about, let me know that, too.

If you’re having more trouble with the artist’s life in general than with colored pencils specifically, ask about that, too. Living the life of an artist—even a hobby artist—is about a lot more than just drawing.

Ask Me a Question

Still stuck? Don’t know how to put your question into an email? Here are a couple of tips.

Tell me what frustrates you most about colored pencil drawing. Chances are good that others share the same frustration, and that I will share it—or have shared it—in the past.

Or tell me what you most want help with. You won’t be alone. Others want help with the same thing.

Email your question.

Ask Me a Question Sign

Whatever your question, now’s the time to ask it!

Just send me an email. I’ll “unwrap” as many of the answers in December as possible! If we run out of month before we run out of answers for questions, I’ll continue answering questions in future posts.

By the way, if you’ve asked a question in the past, but have yet to see an answer, ask it again. Things do have a tendency to fall through the cracks upon occasion.

Are you ready to ask me a question? I’m ready to read—and answer—it!

Ask Carrie A Question about Colored Pencils.

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