Grazing Horses In-Depth Tutorial

Want to learn how to draw horses in a landscape? Looking for an in-depth tutorial. Grazing Horses In-Depth Tutorial written from Ann Kullberg may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

A perfect summer landscape! This new at-home mini-workshop features two sunshine soaked horses grazing in a lush meadow. Follow along step by step as Carrie Lewis shows you her crystal-clear process for trees, grass and animal hair. Grazing Horses In-Depth Tutorial

Grazing Horses In-Depth Tutorial

What you’ll learn

Composition: Not all reference photos are created equal. Carrie explains how she combined two flawed references to create one beautiful landscape.

Establishing Depth: Carrie begins this project by showing you how to map out values in the foreground and background for the entire piece to provide the perfect foundation for your drawing.

Luscious Greens: Light layer by light layer, you’ll learn exactly how to create just enough detail to keep the background trees from looking flat, while saving you the time and headache of drawing every leaf.

Majestic Horses: Getting shadows as accurate as you can is the key to making horses look like living, breathing animals instead of flat drawings. Carrie’s instruction will help you achieve that stunning, shiny coat.

Carrie’s thorough instruction includes plenty of extra tips along the way that will help save you time and frustration. Get started today and you’ll have a beautiful landscape drawing in no time!

What’s Included

32 full-color, step-by-step images / 24 pages.

Free Quick Start PDF with full-size Reference Photos & Line Drawing to transfer.

Highly detailed instructions for every step.

List of all materials needed.

You’ll find no clearer or more thorough colored pencil instruction online.

Note: Save a trip to the store and add 4 pre-cut sheets of Bristol drawing paper to your print order.

Grazing Horses In-Depth Tutorial

Materials List

Bristol Vellum Finish, 148lb, white

– Graphite pencil, 2B, 4B or 6B or carbonless transfer paper
– Low-tack masking tape (painter’s tape works great)
– Good pencil sharpener (electric is best, but hand-held is also adequate)
– Sticky stuff (brand names include Handi-Tak,Blu-Tack, Poster Tack)
– Click eraser
– Cover sheet to cover the parts of the drawing you’re not working on (glassine is best, but tracing paper or ordinary printer paper also works)
– A drawing board or a drawing pad with a cardboard backing
– Drafting brush or any large, soft brush for brushing crumbs off your paper (optional)


Dark Brown
Dark Green
Indigo Blue
Jade Green
Lemon Yellow
Light Umber
Marine Green
Mediterranean Blue
Olive Green
Powder Blue
Pumpkin Orange
Sienna Brown

Grazing Horses In-Depth Tutorial

The grazing horses in-depth tutorial is available as a digital download, in print form, and in print package that includes four sheets of paper.

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