Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Carrie offers students three ways to learn more about colored pencils, so let’s take a quick look at each one.

Three Types of Colored Pencil Classes

All options are conducted by email, but they offer you a variety of learning opportunities and price options. Students can choose self-guided classes or fully customizable classes.

Personalized Art Lessons by Email

If all you need is feedback on a project or want to “pick Carrie’s brain,” a personalized art lesson by email is what you want.

Purchase lessons by the hour, or in five or ten hour blocks, then use them as you need them.

Online Colored Pencil Courses

The online colored pencil course is completely customizable. You choose:

  • How many projects you want to do
  • What you want to draw
  • How you want to draw each project

Read more about Carrie’s online colored pencil course.

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Email drawing classes are a combination of courses and personalized lessons. They cover a specific subject from beginning to end, and all students work on the same subject using same method.

Lessons are delivered on a pre-determined schedule—usually one per week—but students finish them as they’re able.

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes - Helping You Make Art You Can be Proud Of

Classes include:

  • Reference photo, line drawing, and materials list
  • Detailed step-by-step instruction
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Special tips and notes
  • A new lesson every week
  • The opportunity to work at your own pace
Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Email Drawing Classes

Portrait of a Black Horse


Beginner and Higher

Draw a black horse on medium gray paper.

Lessons include:

  • Tips on using paper color for middle values
  • Drawing long & short hair
  • Drawing leather & metal
  • Correcting minor mistakes

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Drawing a Landscape in Gray Light


Intermediate & Higher

Draw a landscape with a gray sky on gray paper.

Lessons include:

  • Supplies list
  • Five lessons
  • Drawing a sky with muted clouds
  • Tips for drawing trees & grass
  • Creating the illusion of distance
  • Blending with solvent

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