Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Carrie’s colored pencil email drawing classes are a cross between her online colored pencil courses and her personalized art lessons.

All three options are conducted by email, but they offer you a variety of learning opportunities and price options.

The online colored pencil course is completely customizable. You choose the number of drawings you want to do; you choose the subjects for each project, and you choose the drawing method you want to use (or learn.) The course is complete when you finish the final drawing. No matter how long it takes.

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Personalized art lessons are more focused. You still choose the topic for each lesson, but the lesson is confined to that topic. These lessons are ideal if you’re having trouble with a current project or need just a little bit of help.

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Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Email drawing classes cover a specific subject from beginning to end, and all students work on the same subject using same method. Lessons are delivered on a pre-determined schedule—usually one per week—but you finish them as you’re able.

Unlike either of the other two options, students can also participate in an exclusive Facebook group for each class they take. Students post their work, seek the advice of the artist and other students, and encourage one another in these groups.

Email Drawing Classes Include

* Reference photo, line drawing, and materials list
* Detailed step-by-step instruction
* Full-color illustrations
* Special tips and notes
* A new lesson every week
* The opportunity to work at your own pace
* Personal feedback from Carrie
* The opportunity to ask any questions that are not covered in the lessons
* The opportunity to have your work critiqued at any time during the class
* An exclusive Facebook group
* NEW! All lessons compiled into an easy-to-use ebook

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes

Current Colored Pencil Email Drawing Class

Black Tennessee Walking Horse: $150

This nine-lesson series walks you through the process of drawing a black horse on gray paper using the direct method of drawing. Lessons delivered once a week.

Lessons include drawing the eye, drawing leather, creating realistic black by combining colors, and using strokes to create texture.

Colored Pencil Email Drawing Classes EDC 001

The series includes a full list of supplies, the reference photo, and  a printable line drawing.

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