Art Instruction in Colored Pencil

It’s no longer necessary to spend years in art school or travel long distances to workshops to get art instruction in colored pencil.

As much fun as workshops and in-person classes can be, and as in-depth as art school, they’re not for every artist. The fact of the matter is that in today’s market, those learning opportunities probably aren’t for most of us.

Nor do we all learn at the same speed or in the same ways.

So I’m very pleased to offer a variety of opportunities for you to get art instruction in colored pencil from a variety of artists, myself included!

Opportunities for At-Home Art Instruction in Colored Pencil


EmptyEasel is the creation of an artist for artists. Each week, you’ll find informative articles on everything from marketing to creating written by artists working in colored pencil and other mediums, and in many different styles.

Dan Duhrkoop, creator of EmptyEasel, has also written an excellent book, How to Draw Exactly What You See.

Dan’s unique method of drawing from life works equally well with reference photos. The book is easy to read and follow; the drawing method is easy to implement.

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Ann Kullberg

In-Depth Woodpecker Tutorial
Learn how to create a stunning, hyper-realistic drawing with this 31-step tutorial.

Ann Kullberg has long been recognized as an authority when it comes to publishing quality content for at-home learning. You’ll find books, tutorials, and videos on a wide variety of subjects and at all learning levels on Ann’s website.

She also publishes the monthly magazine, COLOR Magazine, for colored pencil artists who want more.

Get instruction from the best, most recognized artists currently specializing in colored pencil work. Artists such as Cynthia Knox, Mark Menendez, Jan Fagan, Ann herself, and many others. Each artist brings his or her unique style and technique to you, so you can try them all and find the one that works best for you!

Visit Ann’s website and see for yourself.

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Carrie Lewis

Art Instruction in Colored Pencil from Carrie Lewis: Tutorials, downloadable classes, personalized courses, and CP Magic.

Carrie has been publishing downloadable lessons and online courses for many years. She currently offers a collection of free and paid tutorial downloads on a number of subjects.

She has also launched a series of class downloads that are more in-depth than the standard tutorials. Students complete each class in 30 days or less. Topics include technique, subjects, and general interest, so you can choose the class that best offers what you want to learn.

Carrie also offers personal art instruction in colored pencil with online colored pencil courses. Carrie’s courses are whatever you want them to be. Students choose the subject they want to work on and the method they want to choose. Students design their ideal course and receive personalized attention from Carrie from beginning to end.

John Middick

John is the creator and host of the Sharpened Artist Podcast, the weekly podcast for colored pencil artists.

But he’s also the creator of the Sharpened Artist Academy. The Sharpened Artist Academy offers students courses more in-depth than tutorials, with written and video presentations.

John’s Face Value course is designed for artists interested specifically in learning how to draw human portraits. There is a waiting list for the course, but you can add your name to the waiting list here. John tells me the course opens one time per year and will be opening soon in 2020.  For more info or to reserve your spot go here!

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