Art Instruction in Colored Pencil

You’ve read my blog posts, answers to reader questions, and tutorials. You’ve learned a lot from them, but now you want something more. You want specific art instruction in colored pencil.

Here’s the good news.

You can get that here, too. I offer a wide selection of opportunities for art instruction in colored pencil from the most basic basics to tutorials to full-length, personalized drawing classes and courses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or if you’re an established artist. It doesn’t even matter what art mediums you’ve used in past. If you want to learn how to draw with colored pencils or want to improve existing skills, I can help you.

Art Instruction in Colored Pencil

Learn at Home Art Instruction in Colored Pencil

Free step-by-step tutorials are available right here.

Step-by-step demonstrations are just what they sound like. They can take a couple of forms.

Series demonstrations are a series of posts covering a single topic or drawing for two or more posts. Such posts are usually published on a weekly basis from beginning to end and include all the successes and failures that go with drawing.

Sometimes a lengthy step-by-step is combined into a single presentation (see Salt Lake in Colored Pencil) or as a downloadable, full-length lesson.

Mini clinics or single-post step-by-step demonstrations often over a specific topic (see How to Draw a Horse’s Legs and Feet or How to Draw a Thunderhead).

Some step-by-step demonstrations are a combination of text and illustrations—as are mine—or are primarily illustrations with brief comments.

A lot of artists talk about how they create their art, so look for artists who work in the medium and style you prefer.

Many artists also post work-in-progress articles about their drawings and paintings. While these are not necessarily how-to articles and may be skimpy on details, you can find valuable tips by reading them.

Personalized art instruction helps you in the areas you must want to improve

Personalized art instruction in colored pencil is available at three levels: online art courses, personalized art lessons, and personalized art critiques.

Online Colored Pencil Courses

Art Instruction - Online Colored Pencil Courses

The Online Colored Pencil course is art instruction designed for anyone who wants to learn how to use colored pencils and wants the personalized attention of the artist, but who doesn’t have a lot of available time. The course allows you to work at your own pace to complete a drawing start to finish. You choose the subject. You choose the method or technique you want to learn, and Carrie provides instruction, encouragement, and assistance.

Email Drawing Classes

Carrie now offers email drawing classes. The idea is simple. Sign up for an email drawing class, and receive one lesson per week for the length of the course.

The email drawing class includes:

a reference photo you can save to your device,

a complete line drawing you can print and use

a full materials list

step-by-step instructions with illustrations

Not only will you see how Carrie draws, but you’ll see her mistakes and how she overcame them.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Looking for exactly what you want in art instruction in any medium is a challenge. Looking the ideal art instruction in colored pencil is sometimes even more of a challenge. Carrie has been there and done that!

Carrie’s goal is to do everything possible to help you learn everything you want to know about colored pencils. If you’re looking for something she doesn’t yet have available, please use this contact form to let her know. Be as specific as you can.

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