April 2020 CP Magic Magazine

April 2020 CP Magic Magazine

Now available: the April 2020 CP Magic magazine, jam-packed with good information.

CP Magic featured artist is Colorado artist Dan Miller. I’m also delighted to introduce a new, monthly column and a reader gallery this month.

April 2020 CP Magic Magazine

What’s in April 2020 CP Magic

First the artist interview. Featured artist Dan Miller is also an excellent writer, so he tells in his own words about his life as an artist, including how he discovered his favorite subject, and unique style.

After that, Dan walks you step-by-step through a brand new tutorial. He explains how he chooses subjects and creates sparkling landscapes, so you don’t want to miss it.

The tutorial includes full-color illustrations, and clear, easy-to-follow descriptions. Dan also shares tips on how to choose and simplify your subject.

Plus a new column beginning this month. Artist and art coach Carol Bond provides monthly help and encouragement to all of those who need it. I’m certainly looking forward to her words of wisdom.

Dan Miller writes about his life as an artist, how he got where he is is today, and what enlivens his art.
See how Dan creates sparkling, stylized landscapes that maintain the character of his subjects.
Artist & art coach Carol Bond debuts with tips for achieving creative confidence.

The Reader’s Gallery makes it’s debut, and the featured photo for you to download and draw for yourself.

And don’t forget the Before-and-After Clinic and Making it Better reader art crit columns.

About CP Magic

CP Magic is a monthly digital publication written by a colored pencil artist—yours truly—for colored pencil artists at all levels. That’s you!

Each month features an artist interview and a tutorial so you can meet the artist and then see how they work. Other columns are the Before-and-After Clinic and the featured photo.

Back issues are always available.

Get your copy of April 2020 CP Magic magazine here.

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