Kitten Charity

Born: May 13, 2021
Gender: Female
Vaccinated: No
Spayed/Neutered: No
Special Health Issues: None known
Special Needs: None known

About Charity

Charity is the third born in a litter of five for a first-time mother. She is the only kitten of the five that is not gray and white; she is a brownish tiger with lots of white.

Charity (circled) and her litter mates on the day they were born.

Charity isn’t the most affectionate cat we’ve raised. The fact is, she’s a bit aloof. Friendly, but on her terms. Had she been born outside, I think she’s the kitten that would have been the most difficult to make friends with.

However, she has been raised entirely indoors, so she’s socialized to people. She knows her name and she’s not at all slow in responding when called to eat. But rare are the times when she gets on our lap just for the sake of attention.

She’s also usually the first to take cover when startled or when the unexpected happens.

She’s well-acquainted with the litter box and with the water bottle, which we use for discipline and training.

She plays hard and sleeps hard, as you can see below.

Charity, an expert sleeper.

Charity eats regular canned cat food and dry cat food at will. Because their mother requires a special diet (Hill’s Biome Dry,) that’s what the kittens eat as well. But they have also eaten Hill’s Science Diet Kitten, Purina Kitten Chow, Purina Cat Chow, and Blue Buffalo dry.

The family has a history of digestive sensitivities, but Charity has shown no inclination in that direction so far.

She has also had no serious illnesses.

Momma cat is starting to turn the kittens away when they want to nurse, so it’s time for them to find new homes.

A detailed, health/medical journal is available upon request. I am also happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Charity. Fill out the contact form below, and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.