13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials

13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials

Let’s do something fun today. I’m sharing 13 free colored pencil tutorials covering a variety of subjects, papers, and special tools.

Some of these are great weekend projects, while others are a bit more involved. So whether you’re looking for a fun, quick project or something in-depth, you will find something in the following list.

13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials


How to Draw a Dog’s Ear on Pastelmat

In this mini tutorial, I’ll you how to use Polychromos pencils on Clairefontaine Pastelmat to draw a realistic dog’s ear. This is a great weekend project.

13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials
How to Draw a Golden Retriever

Join Peggy Osborne for a wonderful step-by-step tutorials featuring a winsome Golden Retriever on Strathmore Toned Tan Mixed Media Paper. Peggy uses Prismacolor pencils in this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Draw an Irish Setter

In this lovely portrait, Peggy Osborne uses Prismacolor pencils on Heavyweight Vellum paper by Bee. She also shows how she uses a free color picker app to make color selections.

How to Draw Black Fur with Colored Pencils

Do you have difficulties drawing realistic black hair? Peggy Osborne tells you step-by-step how she does it with this Black Lab tutorial. Don’t let the dog fool you. You can use these techniques with any black hair.

13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials
How to Draw Cat Eyes with Colored Pencil

Have you ever drawn on Robert Bateman Series 110 pound paper with Prismacolor pencils? If not, then you’ll want to try this tutorial, in which Peggy Osborne uses Prismacolor pencils to draw a cat’s eyes on this interesting paper.

How to Draw Short Cat Fur

Here’s another good weekend project. I describe my methods for drawing the short hair around a cat’s eye on gray paper. You can also consider it a tutorial on drawing striped hair, so you get two lessons in one!

How to Draw White Fur with Colored Pencils

Drawing white fur can be a challenge. Peggy Osborne wrote this tutorial focusing on the colors that appear in white fur. Believe it or not, there are a lot more than you might think.

13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials


Completing a Plein Air Colored Pencil Drawing in the Studio

Is completing a plein air colored pencil drawing on site absolutely necessary? Jana Botkin talks about finishing a piece in the studio, including a step-by-step demo.

Creating an Umber Under Drawing of Trees

Creating an umber under drawing of trees is easy when you follow this step-by-step tutorial covering the under drawing phase.

How to Draw Clouds with Colored Pencil

Clouds are beautiful things and fun to draw. But they are also a challenge. I share my best tips on layering, developing values, solvent blending, and more in this tutorial.

How to draw a sunset sky with watercolor pencils in five easy steps. Paint the sky with washes of color, then use the watercolor pencils dry.


How to Draw a Dark Background

Draw a dark background on light colored paper using only colored pencils. You won’t need special tools or techniques to draw your own beautiful, dark background. You don’t even need the horse for this tutorial, and you can also practice on any scrap piece of art paper. Great weekend project.

13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials
How to Draw Folds of Cloth

Here’s another good weekend project that you can do in graphite or colored pencil.

There’s the Top 13 Free Colored Pencil Tutorials

I hope you find something fun to do this weekend or something that’s more in-depth. Whatever drawing you do, have fun!

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