I don’t do very much with still life subjects—unless I can find some way to incorporate a horse related item. To be honest, I like drawing horses and landscapes a lot more than equine still lifes!

But I know a lot of you are into other subjects. Cars. Flowers.


If that describes you, then this short video is for you!

How to Draw a Cherry with Colored Pencil

Artist Veronica Winters shows in this time-lapse video how she draws and renders a single cherry using colored pencil and a light-over-dark method that is both unusual and interesting. The tips she offers and the techniques she uses are applicable to any subject, so don’t pass over this too quickly if you don’t care for fruit!

Veronica works in oils as well as colored pencil and her favorite subjects are still life subjects, though she also does portraits.

If you enjoyed this video, you may want to check out Veronica’s tutorials. All are available as downloadable PDFs. Some are also available in video format.

Don’t forget to take a look at her website either.