It was never my goal to paint or draw landscapes. I just wasn’t interested. Horses were my primary interest and the focus of all my artwork.

Then I moved to Kansas. The first glimpse of the Flint Hills region took my breath away and I remember thinking I need to paint this even though it was a cold, gray December day and everything was brown.

Can I help it if earth tones are my favorite colors? The color saturation was wonderful and the lights and darks–even on that gray day–were, well, inspiring.

Fast forward thirteen-plus years. I’ve painted the Flint Hills. A lot. I’ve also rediscovered the beauty of my native Michigan.

The result is that I’m very happy to share two galleries with you today. Two landscape galleries. Yes. No horses (except for one small colored pencil drawing)

Landscape Gallery at Fine Art America

Original Oil Landscape Painting
Woodland Creek, Original Oil on Canvas

Seven landscape paintings have been collected into a landscape gallery at Fine Art America. Some of them are new. Others are older.  The gallery features landscapes in oil and colored pencil, large and small. Each drawing or painting reflects some aspect of the lands I love: Michigan and Kansas.

ACEO Landscape a Day Gallery

Original Oil Painting ACEO
ACEO Flint Hills Landscape, Original Oil

The second gallery is the ACEO landscape gallery here at Carrie L. Lewis Horse Painter. The collection is based on the ACEO a day challenge from 2007 and includes ACEO landscape paintings in oil, colored pencil, pen & ink and, yes, even Crayola Crayon.

I took on the challenge to paint or draw one new ACEO every day (except Sunday) for all of 2007. The year ended with a total of 315 new ACEOs. Designed to improve my skills in depicting the landscape, it was definitely a challenge. But it was also fun and informative.

I hope you enjoy these two galleries as much as I enjoyed creating the artwork they feature.