Spring gave way to summer in short order. We went from cool and damp to sunny and hot. For a few days, high temperatures and high humidity resulted in sauna-like conditions.

But wheat harvest took place as usual, delayed only a few days due to weather.

The EmptyEasel harvest for June was also good. EmptyEasel published three articles in June. Topics were wide-ranging, beginning with a demonstration of using rubber cement thinner as a blending agent to earning extra income by teaching others.

Follow the links below to read the articles in full. If you have any questions about any of the topics, leave a comment below.

How to Fix Colored Pencil Mistakes by Blending with Rubber Cement Thinner
Previously, I’ve explained how to use rubbing alcohol to blend colored pencils, and yes, rubbing alcohol is great for light blending. BUT. . . what if you want a more thorough blend? Or to blend heavier layers of color? In that case, you need rubber cement thinner! Not only is rubber cement thinner (I use the brand Bestine) ideal for blending heavy layers of color, you can also use it to correct or cover up nasty mistakes. Case in point, the drawing I’m using for today’s demonstration is one of those “mistakes.” Read More

How to Draw a Complementary Grisaille
A grisaille (pronounced, gree-zay) is a form of drawing or painting that involves a detailed, monochromatic image, often created entirely in shades of black and white. In many cases, the next step is to glaze color over the grisaille, to create a finished drawing or painting. But grisailles don’t HAVE to be black and white. Read More

4 Ways to Turn your Art Skills and Experience Into Income
Little as most of us want to hear it, few artists earn a living selling art. Many who do are well aware that the income generated from sales is subject to market trends, the economy, and a number of other factors beyond the artist’s control. Many artists have found other ways to earn art-related income while others choose employment in an area outside their artistic endeavors. Read More