independence-day-luminariesThe City of Newton no longer does a city-wide fireworks display for Independence Day. But that’s all right. The residents were more than willing–and able!–to pick up the baton and run with it.

Consequently, we have fireworks to one degree or another for about a week. Block parties and individuals provided light shows throughout the holiday weekend. No matter which direction we looked during our evening walks, there was something to see.

EmptyEasel provided fireworks for the month. They published four of my articles in July, as well as four weeks worth of excellent content by other contributors.

All of my articles are non-media specific, so no matter what your specialty, you should find something helpful, encouraging, or instructional in this collection.

Click on the links to read the full articles. Then come back and leave any questions or comments below. As always, thanks for reading!

7 Lessons Learned from a Simple Drawing
Every drawing should be more than just a pretty piece of art. . . it should also represent your progress as an artist. Ideally, a look back at your work should tell a story of the lessons you’ve learned and the skills you’ve gained. These lessons don’t even need to be mind-blowing or game-changing. Not at all! Just accumulate enough seemingly insignificant lessons and you could set yourself up for a break-through moment. Read More

6 Misconceptions About “The Artist’s Life”
I’ve been drawing from the time I was old enough to clutch a crayon in a pudgy hand. There was never a doubt about what I’d be when I grew up; my dreams were clear and well-defined. I would be an artist. However. . . I’ve come to realize those youthful dreams about what it meant to be an artist were in error. Here are 6 of my early misconceptions: Read More

Going Through a Time of Creative Stillness? Maybe This Will Help
For most creative people, creative stillness is the worst possible fate. Whether you call it artist’s block, stagnation, or something else, it looms like a huge, dark storm cloud on the horizon. Most of us will do anything to avoid it and struggle to escape it when it catches up with us. But what if that huge, dark cloud has a silver lining?
Read More

What Should I Do with All My Old Art?
Even if you’re not a particularly prolific artist, when you paint long enough, sooner or later you’ll find yourself with a bunch of old paintings. If you have unlimited space to store them or a large family willing to accept your gifts of art, you’re all set. But what if you don’t have a lot of storage or a big family (or family members willing to receive your art)? What do you do with all those old paintings? Read More