Rain clouds and reflections

The “spring” rainy season arrived in mid-May. Throughout most of the last two weeks, we’ve had rain or the threat of rain at some point almost every day. Along with the fresh scent and sounds of rain-washed air, there were evenings with absolutely gorgeous light and beautiful reflections. This one happens to be the backside of a thunderstorm system that bypassed us on its way north and east.

We’ve had a day or two of sunshine this past week and that’s been very nice, but thunderstorms are in the forecast for this weekend. That means great weather for reading.

EmptyEasel.com published four articles in May. All four articles were about colored pencil, but topics varied from creating a sense of distance to using impressed lines to creating convincing blacks by layering color. Links to each one follow. I hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions about these articles or any other topic, leave a comment below.

How to Create a Sense of Distance in Your Colored Pencil Landscapes, Part 2
In my previous article (Creating Distance in Landscapes, Part 1) I discussed using line, value, color temperature, and overlapping layers to begin developing pictorial depth, right from the start of your drawing. The process continues with further development of values, colors, and aerial perspective. Let’s get started.  Read more

How to Add Fine Details to Your Drawings With the Impressed Line Technique
Every savvy artist knows there’s more than one way to draw a line. The normal way is easy—just put your pencil on the paper and draw! Another way, however, is to create an impression in the paper using a pointed object, and then shade color over the top of that impressed line. The line will gradually come into focus as color is applied all around it. Read more

How to Create the Illusion of Distance in Your Colored Pencil Drawings, Part 1
For many representational artists—myself included—the biggest hurdle to successful and believable artwork is creating the illusion of space, which is also known as pictorial depth. But how in the world do you depict a three-dimensional subject on a two-dimensional surface? Read more.

How to Draw Realistic, Vibrant Shades of Black with Colored Pencils, Part 2
Welcome back to my two-part series on drawing realistic, “true black” hues with colored pencils. If you missed my earlier post on this topic, or if you’d like a review, feel free to read Part 1 here. Now, here’s the drawing I’m using as a demonstration piece, just as we left it last time. Read More